The Boogens (1981)

Directed by James L. Conway.  Written by Thomas C. Chapman, Jim Kouf, Bob Hunt and David O’Malley.  Starring Rebecca Balding, Jeff Harlan, Anne-Marie Martin and Fred McCarren.

Plot: a small mining team awakens scaly, squid, turtle-like creatures that feed off people.


Roger (Harlan) and Mark (McCarren) are part of a team reopening a mine.  Roger invites his girlfriend Jessica (Martin) along and she brings Trish (Balding) as a date for Mark.  They hit it off of course, and everything is fine at first.  But then the fellas find bones in the mine and things get fucked pretty quickly after that.

Everyone’s cool though and you don’t want them to die.  The Boogens kill the dog, too, which sucks.  But at least it’s not too graphic.  There’s boob shots, beautiful Freddy Claws, realistic characters, awesome acting, a good script and a good ending.  It’s totally ownable, we just don’t have it yet.  But it’s a fun watch and DJ plans on getting it soon.

My score: 66.  DJ’s score: 73.

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