Hatchet (2006)

Written and directed by Adam Green.  Starring Joel David Moore, Tamara Feldman, Deon Richmond, Mercedes McNab, Joel Murray, Parry Shen, Joshua Leonard, Robert Englund and Kane Hodder.

Plot: a group of people on a haunted swamp tour encounter a horribly disfigured man who’s out to kill.


During Mardi Gras in New Orleans, a group of very different people decide to take a swamp tour, all for very different reasons.  The inexperienced Shawn (Shen), guides the boat and ends up sinking it, leaving them all stranded near Victor Crowley’s (Hodder) house.  Crawley is horribly mangled and out for blood.  Marybeth (Feldman) is the only one who knows the story of Crowley and relays it to the others, but they don’t believe her.  That is, until Victor shows up and starts killing them off.

This movie is hilarious.  I never liked the main girl, but there’s enough here to persuade me to like it anyway.  Plenty of boob shots, a healthy innovation of kills, lots and lots of blood, etc. etc.  There’s some things that don’t make sense though.  Like Marybeth was raised by an inbred, homophobic, hunt happy redneck, but she doesn’t know how to shoot a gun?  What?  Also, it could’ve had a happier ending, but it’s a really nice homage to earlier slashers.  The dialogue is awesome.  The cast is terrific.  The motive makes sense.  The effects were enjoyable.  And we loved the soundtrack as well.  It’s totally ownable.

My score: 79.  DJ’s score: 83.

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