Godsend (2004)

Directed by Nick Hamm.  Written by Mark Bomback.  Starring Greg Kinnear, Rebecca Romijn, Cameron Bright, Zoie Palmer, Devon Bostick and Robert De Niro.

Plot: a couple decides to have their deceased son cloned, but the new son isn’t quite right.


Paul (Kinnear) and Jessie (Romijn) have a son, Adam (Bright) who dies tragically after a car hits him.  Soon after, crazy Dr. Wells (De Niro) comes to them and suggests they clone Adam.  It’s illegal, so they’ll have to change their identity and things, but they agree anyway.  Of course, the first eight years of new Adam’s life are fine, but when he hits the age in which original Adam died, he starts having night terrors, becoming aggressive and generally terrifying.

And this is why we A) don’t clone our children and B) don’t listen to crazy doctors who talk about cloning children.  The parents were stupid and the doctor was just crazy.  And sadly, the movie was crap.  I like all the actors in it, even the kids, but they didn’t make it any less dreadful.  I only watched it to the end out of obligation and a feeling that maybe it would get better.  It didn’t.

DJ’s lucky.  He skipped it all together.  He had a sense that it wouldn’t be entertaining and it wasn’t.  It also didn’t make any logical sense and if you’re not going to make sense you could at least be entertaining.  With this premise too, I feel like they could have done so much more.  Made him a bit more “evil”.  Had a few more killings.  Alas, they did not, and I don’t recommend.

My score: 28.

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