The Caretaker (2016)

Directed by Jeff Prugh.  Written by Jeremy Robinson.  Starring Meegan Warner, Sandra Blake and Sean Martini.

Plot: a young woman returns home to care for her ill grandmother, but soon begins sleepwalking, having visions and uncovering dark secrets.


So, after caretakers come and go for too long, Mallorie (Warner) and her boyfriend, August (Martini) come to take care of her grandmother (Blake).  The grandmother is crazy from the jump though.  She worked at a circus as a medium and while she was there she conjured up a clown called Raw Dilley.  But oh, for a movie about a creepy old woman and a clown NOT to make us scream out loud is a travesty.

It was so slow.  And the dialogue is so trite.  He must say “babe” and “baby” like 5,702 times.  It wasn’t good horror it was just bad drama.  The acting was good, but honestly we would have left that old woman in the house ASAP.  We thought this movie was pretty atrocious when all was said and done.  And after the poster looked so promising!

My score: 15.  DJ’s score: 10.

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