Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies (2016)

Directed by Dominik Hartl.  Written by Hartl and Armin Prediger.  Starring Laurie Calvert, Gabriela Marcinkova and Oscar Dyekjoer Giese.

Plot: a small group of snowboarders battle zombies in the Alps.


Steve (Calvert), his girlfriend, Branka (Marcinkova) and a fellow snowboarder, Joschi (Giese) get stuck in the mountains and take refuge in a resort that’s ravaged by animal and human zombies.  The human zombies are made up pretty well, but the animals look terrible and I was okay with that.  If they had looked too real, it probably would’ve upset me.

There was terrific acting, too, but DJ’s not sure who it’s supposed to appeal to.  There’s a lot of snowboarding montages.  Like, a lot.  We suppose if you love snowboarding and zombies, maybe you’ll love this movie.  Otherwise, we really don’t get it.  It was unrealistic, there was no boobs (and there so could have been) and the kills were inconsistent at best.

Our score: 34.

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