One Dark Night (1983)

Directed by Tom McLoughlin.  Written by McLoughlin and Michael Hawes.  Starring Meg Tilly, E.G. Daily, Robin Evans, Melissa Newman, Donald Hotton and Adam West.

Plot: Julie (Tilly) has to stay in a mausoleum overnight to become a sorority sister, but something is in there with her.


So, Carol (Evans) has Julie stay overnight in the mausoleum to become a sister, but really she’s pissed that Julie is dating her ex.  Carol and another girl even go to the mausoleum to scare Julie.  But there’s a recently deceased, telekinetic, psychic vampire who killed a bunch of girls buried there and he isn’t quite as dead as he should be.  And Carol ends up watching as coffins start coming out of the walls, open up and the dead people inside get up and start chasing her.  And oh yeah, did I mention that the vampire’s daughter (Newman) also comes to the mausoleum to stop her father who she knows isn’t quite dead.

First of all, this would never be us.  We don’t need to join anything enough to spend the night alone in what’s essentially a graveyard.  Second of all, I know the plot sounds like a lot, but it’s the 80’s and it’s campy, glorious fun.  Third of all, the dead people float and that’s not right, but it’s also worth the price of admission.


It’s disgusting in parts.  Carol is such a bitch, but a really good little actress.  We wouldn’t watch this alone.  Sure, we could’ve learned more about the vampire and it was a bit melodramatic in parts and the motive was obnoxious, but we dug it.  And we loved the ending.  Watch it!

My score: 67.  DJ’s score: 57.

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