Evilution (2008)

Directed by Chris Conlee.  Written by Brian Patrick O’Toole.  Starring Noel Gugliemi,  James Duval, Eric Peter-Kaiser, Sandra Eloani and Tim Colceri.

Plot: alien bacteria resurrects the dead.


So, there’s a virus that turns people into zombies.  But it being of alien origin almost seems like an after thought.  You totally forget this fact as the movie progresses.  And we were left wondering also if the little, gay manager was an alien.  We had more questions than answers after we watched it.

None of the characters are consistent.  You love everybody one minute and hate them the next because they’re just so stupid.  The actors weren’t the greatest, but we really blame the script for a majority of the problems.  It was like trying to be at least two different movies at one time and a lot smarter than was possible.  And evilution had nothing to do with evolution, so…

Also, they throw up this Frankenstein quote at the like, really, you’re going to quote this world famous novel that has nothing to do with your shit movie.  We were angry.

My score: 16.  DJ’s score: 23.

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