Dead of Winter (2014)

Directed by Robert Rice.  Written by Michael Hamilton-Wright.  Starring John Carew, Morgan Kelly, Damon Runyan and James Wallis.

Plot: a treasure hunt in the mountains becomes a deadly game of survival.


Several people attend a treasure hunt for $25,000.  It’s in the desolate mountains where it’s cold and deadly and they, of course, have no cell service.  And because it’s such a formulaic movie, people start dying off one by one.

We are usually cautious of any “based on actual events” movie and this is the reason to be.  It wasn’t very good at all.  There’s several continuity errors, too.  Simple ones like jacket/no jacket.  And then worse ones like when the operator tells the chief that Kevin and Tiffany are missing and he acts like he doesn’t even know who they are, but then later on, when he’s notifying their parents, he knows their first names and they know his.

Also, what really sucked was the end.  It was a “WTF” ending and we hated it.  Can’t give this movie many points and can’t give it a recommendation.

My score: 30.  DJ’s score: 22.

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