Dolly Dearest (1991)

Directed by Maria Lease.  Written by Lease, Rod Nave and Peter Sutcliffe.  Starring Denise Crosby, Rip Torn, Sam Bottoms, Candace Hutson and Chris Demetral.

Plot: a centuries old curse turns a beautiful doll into a savage killer.


The Sanzia, or Satan on Earth, takes refuge in a doll known as Dolly Dearest.  The Wade’s obtain the Dolly Dearest factory and give the doll to their daughter, Jessica (Hutson).  Within a day of having the doll, Jessica is acting like a creepy, little, psycho and the maid starts praying really fast.  I was upset when she had to die.

The doll is creepy, but not jump scare worthy.  Jimmy (Demetral) is a little brat kid who don’t listen.  They have such bad kids.  There’s a lack of Freddy Claws, too.  The husband (Bottoms) doesn’t believe anything his wife (Crosby) says.  Most of the acting was good though, but overall it’s just your basic, middle-of-the-road, doll movie.  Nothing special, but worth the watch if you’ve got some extra time on your hands.

My score: 55.  DJ’s score: 50.

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