A Bucket of Blood (1959)

Directed by Roger Corman.  Written by Charles B. Griffith.  Starring Dick Miller, Barboura Morris, Bert Convy, Ed Nelson, Julian Burton, John Brinkley and Antony Carbone.

Plot: a strange man starts making sculptures out of humans.


A bumbling busboy only wants to fit in, but he never can seem to.  Finally, after accidentally killing his landlord’s cat and turning it into a “sculpture” he starts being recognized.  He’s even revered for his newfound genius.  After that, he goes after human models, killing them and turning them into sculptures, too.  At first we liked him and the innovation was unique enough, but then he started to go after good people and we were done.

In general, DJ found the movie a little more interesting than I did.  I was a little bored actually in certain parts, but it was a cool story.  The ending was enjoyable as well.  And as always, Dick Miller is kick ass.

My score: 50.  DJ’s score: 60.

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