Demon Wind (1990)

Written and directed by Charles Philip Moore.  Starring Eric Larson, Francine Lapensee, Rufus Norris, Stephen Quadros, Sherry Leigh, Lynn Clark, Richard Gabai and Jack Vogel.

Plot: Cory and his friends go to a desolate farmhouse where his grandparents were mysteriously murdered only to find the land cursed.


Cory (Larson) has been having nightmares about his grandparents.  So, he decides to head to their farmhouse and he invites some friends.  On the way there though, a little girl points a stick at them all creepy like and the locals tell him that the farmhouse doesn’t even exist.  But they go even when the locals say not to.

I should mention that his friends are very stereotypical – like, there’s Dell, the dickhead – and also very interesting – cause there’s also Chuck (Quadros), who is literally a magician who does Kung Fu.  It’s all so crazy.  The movie itself is so uneven though, that that shouldn’t surprise you at all.  One minute they’re like, “we’re leaving” and Cory’s like “no!” and then the next minute he’s in the cars with them.  Why?  Because they, of course, find Cory’s grandmother’s diary and read some of it aloud.  Then, the dead come to life and start killing them.

It’s confusing.  There’s no set structure.  It bounces around a lot.  The Thriller video had more of a plot.  I honestly can’t believe we watched the whole thing.  And although I’d like to spoil the end for you so that you don’t ever watch it, I can’t, because I’m not entirely sure what happened.


There were boobs and we did laugh, although unintentionally, but I’m not watching this disaster again for anyone.  I don’t care if Chris Evans himself wanted to see it.  He’d have to watch it alone.  LOL

Our score: 10.

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