Botched (2007)

Directed by Kit Ryan.  Written by Derek Boyle and Raymond and Eamon Friel.  Starring Stephen Dorff, Jaime Murray, Alan Smyth, Jamie Forman, Bronagh Gallagher, Hugh O’Connor and Sean Pertwee.

Plot: a thief is having a really bad day dealing with a crazed serial killers and even crazier hostages.

botched cover

In Russia, a thief, Richie (Dorff) that owes a debt to his boss (Pertwee), gets sent to retrieve a valuable cross with two other men.  Shit goes wrong, they end up with hostages, but the hostages all have problems.  There’s three religious women, a wimpy man, an Alpha male and a beautiful stranger (Murray).  Richie talks to who he thinks is the cops and starts negotiations to let the hostages go, but it turns out it’s not the cops he’s talking to.  It’s a serial killer who wants them all dead.

The movie is LOL in a ridiculous way.  But it was original, innovative and interesting.  The cast was good and I liked the end.  There was a bad motive though, crazy rules and a crazy soundtrack.

My score: 52.  DJ’s score: 44.

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