Stake Land (2010)

Directed by Jim Mickle.  Written by Mickle and Nick Damici.  Starring Damici, Connor Paolo, Kelly McGillis, Danielle Harris and Sean Nelson.

Plot: a vampire hunter and his protege travel toward a hopeful sanctuary.


When Martin’s (Paolo) family is killed by a vampire, Mister (Damici) saves his life.  Then, they go on the road together as Mister teaches Martin all about killing vamps.  See, the US fell and now Mister calls it Stake Land and apparently there’s sanctuary in New Eden, which was formerly Canada.  On the way to New Eden though, they’ll have to deal with many vampires and even worse crazy religious people known as the Brotherhood.

While they do meet some nice people along the way, this movie is filled with death and sadness.  It’s like they introduce us to people just to kill them in the next scene.  I will say though, that I appreciate the fact that the director didn’t feel the need to show the rape scenes graphically.  Everything was just heavily implied.

The cast was incredible though.  They all did a really great job with the script.  And while we don’t love the movie as much as some critics seem to, we do recommend you give it a go.  Just make sure to watch something a little more uplifting afterward.

Our score: 50.

5 thoughts on “Stake Land (2010)

  1. I love Stake Land, from the very beginning where they show the vampire feasting on the baby and then dropping it I knew it was going to be balls to the wall. I have to tell you, Stake Land when released, was a great relief for horror fans because that was the high point of the Twilight franchise in our culture. I for one was nervous as to the future of vampire movies. Stake Land kind of gave me hope. Its a movie that that doesn’t give you rest. I was sad when the Sister goes and then lost my mind when Belle dies.

    I don’t know if you have seen the second one but it’s in the same emotion vein as the first.


      1. Yea, it is kind of depressing.

        OH man, you guys should look at the promotional trailers for Stake Land. They’re these separate kinds of stores. Belles trailer is probably the coolest.


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