Killer High (2018)

Written by Suzanne Keilly

Directed by Jem Garrard

Starring Kacey Rohl, Lauren Collins, Humberly Gonzalez, Asha Bromfield, Varun Saranga, and Jonathan Langdon

Plot: a high school reunion turns deadly when the cursed mascot comes to life.



This is a SYFY movie so it might not be for everyone, but we watch a lot so we gave this a shot.

This is not really a spoiler alert more of a racap of the first 10 minutes…. three kids sneak into the high school and one becomes the warthog mascot and kills the other two. Promising start right? Fast forward and some kids want to hold their high school reunion there. The place is a complete ghost town, even the police shut their doors.

The main girl, Sabrina is a bitch and does not want to stop the party for anything.

They have these extended kill shots, which one or two might have been cool but every single one does it and its gets boring and unnecessary, we did not dig the direction. It was funny in places, but had a bad motive and no rules plus it was unrealistic.

Over all Tara gave it a 39/100, i liked it a little more but not much for a score of 50/100


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