Raging Sharks (2005)

Directed by Danny Lerner.  Written by Les Weldon.  Starring Corin Nemec, Vanessa Angel, Corbin Bernsen, Todd Jensen, Elise Muller and Les Weldon (of course).

Plot: sharks terrorize a group of underwater researchers.


Corin Nemec plays Dr. Mike Olsen, an underwater researcher that leads a team with his wife, Linda (Angel).  On the Oshana, they discover alien crystals under the water, but the crystals are making the nearby sharks crazy and they begin attacking the facility and the people inside.  I don’t even really think it’s a spoiler to tell you that Corbin Bernsen only manages to save Mike and Linda and that eventually the aliens come back to get their crystals and the sharks return to normal.

I must tell you that a lot of the acting is ridiculously overacted.  I believe one of the women in the movie, a Simone Levin, was sleeping with someone to get the part and be able to survive for so long.  The plot is batshit.  Aside from the sharks there’s this crazy business about one of the researchers not being who he says he is and somewhere along the way he gets a gun.  It’s terrible.  And the music.  Oh, the music.  Atrocious.  We do not recommend sitting through this movie unless your Corin Nemec crush has survived the 90’s.

Our score: 26.

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