Mercy Black (2019)

Written and directed by Owen Egerton.  Starring Daniella Pineda, Austin Amelio, Janeane Garafalo, Lee Eddy, Elle LaMont and Miles Emmons.

Plot: a woman is released from a mental hospital 15 years after stabbing a classmate for Mercy Black.


Marina (Pineda) comes home to her sister, Alice’s (LaMont) house after serving her time in the hospital.  Alice has a precocious son, Bryce (Emmons) and a fucker boyfriend, Will (Amelio).  People in town hate her and do pranks on her and shit.  Even Will wants to write a book about her.  That’s the real reason he’s dating her sister, so she breaks up with him and then he dies, but how?  And why?  And who did it?  Is Mercy Black real or is Marina really crazy?

This movie isn’t very scary considering.  Its a copy of the Slender Man really so there’s no originality either.  It turned out to be garbage.  There was no point, no motive and we didn’t understand the rules.  And a dog is killed.  You don’t see it happen, but you do see the body afterward.  I have no idea why Garafalo participated in this – she’s better than that.  We don’t recommend this movie at all.  We hated it.

Our score: 16.

“Do you know Mercy?  Do you know her name?

She’ll take away your hurt if you promise her your pain.”

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