We Are Still Here (2015)

Written and directed by Ted Geoghegan.  Starring Barbara Crampton, Andrew Sensenig, Larry Fessenden, Lisa Marie and Monte Markham.

Plot: a couple moves into an old house in New England that wakes up every 30 years demanding a sacrifice.


A sad middle-aged couple moves into an old house in New England after their son dies in a car crash.  When things start moving on their own, she, Anne (Crampton) believes it’s their son, but her husband, Paul (Sensenig) wants her to stop.  The neighbors stop by and the husband (Markham) tells them all about the original owners of the house, the Dagmar’s.  He says the Dagmar’s ran a mortuary, but they were really selling the bodies and burying empty coffins, so they got ran out of town.  Meanwhile, the wife is very reserved and at the end of the visit, she slips a piece of paper into Paul’s hand that says, “The house needs a family.  GET OUT.”  But of course, they don’t listen and instead invite their hippie friends over for the weekend.

Jacob (Fessenden) and May (Marie) are hippies that sense something is wrong with the house.  So, Jacob conducts a seance and it gets real fucking crazy from there.


We really loved the specials.  They were wonderful.  And the innovation was enjoyable, too.  The movie was never boring either.  And it was certainly creepy.  It did have some flaws though.  Anne’s character isn’t very likable the whole time.  She’s a mess of woman and she’s highly annoying and wrong most of the time.  Still, we recommend this movie wholeheartedly.  It’s really very good.

My score: 60.  DJ’s score: 52.

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