Dead Within (2014)

Directed by Ben Wagner.  Written by Wagner, Amy Cale Peterson, Dean Chekvala and Matthew Bradford.  Starring the writers, Chekvala and Peterson.

Plot: a couple has survived the apocalypse by locking themselves up in a small cabin, but now they’re going a bit crazy.


The zombie apocalypse strikes and Mike (Chekvala) and Kin (Peterson) hole themselves up in their cabin in the woods.  And the movie is shit from there.

******SPOILER ALERT******



Literally the whole movie is Mike going out on runs to find food during the day and leaving Kim behind.  While at home, she’s going stir crazy and every day she asks to go with him, but every day he refuses her.  They reflect on how they apparently just had to kill their best friend’s and their baby because they ate “tainted” meant and became infected.  Occasionally, Mike and Kim dress up to have nice dinners with wine glasses and candles.

Every day when Mike comes home, he uses coded knocks to show Kim that he’s not infected.  Well, the last day, he forgets the knock and she won’t let him in.  So, he breaks his way in, they fight and she ends up killing him.  Twice.  Once to put him down and once when he reanimates.  Then, THEN, at the very, very end of the movie you see her dancing around all stupid and find out that she’s the one who was infected.  Maybe for a awhile.  Who knows?  Who cares?  We didn’t!


DJ was bored in the beginning and annoyed in the end.  I just kept hoping it offered us something more and it never did.  This is NOT a zombie movie in the traditional sense though.  You don’t ever see much.  And the plot would have you believe they “face the horrors outside”, but that’s not true.  At least not for Kim.  I liked the direction and soundtrack, but DJ did not.

My score: 10.  DJ’s score: 5.

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