Cube (1997)

Directed by Vincenzo Natali.  Written by Natali, Andre Bijelic and Graeme Manson.  Starring Nicole de Boer, David Hewlett, Julian Richings and Maurice Dean Wint.

Plot: six strangers wake up in a cube shaped prison with no memory of how they got there and the cells are all booby trapped.

quentin and leaven in cube

An ex-con, a cop, a doctor, a student, a mentally-ill man and an office worker wake up in a cubed shaped room.  As they try to make their way out of the room, they only find other cube shaped rooms, most of which are booby trapped in some way.  And everyone is such a little bitch in one form or another.  I mean, there’s Freddy Claws because they do follow one another, but not without bitching the entire time.

It’s really a piece in the psychological reactions to stress.  You only really ever see two of the traps do anything gruesome.  It felt longer than it really was and we would have liked more story within that time.  The acting was great though.  It was original and realistic.  The effects were cool and it was very tense.  But I didn’t like the movie once it was put altogether.  And DJ only liked it marginally more than me.  So, watch it or don’t, but do skip the sequels.  They didn’t hold up at all.

My score: 39.  DJ’s score: 46.

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