When A Killer Calls (2005)

Directed by Peter Mervis.  Written by Mervis and Steve Bevilacqua.  Starring Rebekah Kochan, Robert Buckley, Mark Irvingsen, Sarah Hall, Tara Clark and Chriss Anglin.

Plot: a babysitter receives increasingly disturbing phone calls.


This movie is a total ripoff of When A Stranger Calls.  Except that it’s bad.  It came and out the same year When A Stranger Calls was remade and when straight to video.  It didn’t deserve much else.  That’s a shame, too, cause I really like Robert Buckley.

You can pretty much figure out how the movie’s going to go.  It’s not surprising.  A lot of scenes last far too long.  The camera does this weird jutty, noisy, shaky thing.  A lot of the movie is trying to be clever, but it’s not.  I mean, how can it be when it just copied itself completely from another movie.  The specials are bad as well.  As is the motive.

Now, there are boob shots.  And the soundtrack is hilarious.  The stalker song in the credits is one of the best ending songs we’ve heard.

Our score: 23.

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