Eerie (2019)

Written by Mikhail Red, Mariah Reodica and Rae Red

Directed by Mikhail Red

Starring : Bea ALonzo, Charo Santos-Concio, Jake Cuenca, Maxene Magalona, Mary Joy Apostol, Gabby Padilla and Gillian Vincencio

Plot: The gruesome death of a student threatens the existence of an all girls catholic school.


This was an interesting movie. It comes from the Philippines. The main woman Pat, communes with a dead girl. And it evolves from there. The movie is semi religious but with a twist.

It had good acting, great effects, well directed, it was eerie!!! but not terrifying. I enjoyed most of the story but felt like it was missing a little something. The scares were good enough and i was genuinely tense through some of it.

It explores religious devotion to god and how demanding that can be but with ghosts. It digs a bit into the loneliness that we all feel at times, and i could personally relate to some of it so maybe that helped me like the movie  little, That and Ms Pat wasnt bad to look at for an hour and a half lol

The ending is a bit of a twist but it kinda works.

We liked it ok with Tara giving it a score of 49/100 and me a score of 57/100


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