Cutting Class (1989)

Directed by Rospo Pallenberg.  Written by Steve Slavkin.  Starring Jill Schoelen, Donovan Leitch Jr., Brad Pitt, Roddy McDowall and Martin Mull.

Plot: someone is killing people at the high school, but who?

cutting class front (2)

Brian (Leitch Jr.) is released from a mental institution after apparently killing his father.  He used to be close friends with Dwight (Pitt) and Paula (Schoelen), but they’re not ready to accept him back into the fold so easily.  Especially when people around the three of them start to die gruesome deaths and he’s the prime suspect.  But all the people around Paula (her teachers, Brian and even Dwight) are a little – or a lot – creepy, so who’s the real killer?  It’s a whodunit of hilarious proportions.

Paula is ridiculous, by a lot.  She just stands there and looks stupid when she should be doing things, like running or fighting back.  It hurt to watch her, but in a fun way.  There’s a gratuitous boob shot, too.  Not hers of course, cause she’s the good girl, but there is one.  The motive is horrible and the effects are silly, but it was still an enjoyable watch.

Our score: 51.

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