The Cured (2018)

Written and directed by David Freyne.  Starring Sam Keeley, Ellen Page, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, Stuart Graham and Paula Malcomson.

Plot: after years of a zombie infection in Ireland, humanity grapples with reintegrating the cured back into society.


Another IFC film, another waste of time.  Maybe it’s just us, but IFC does not make the kind of horror movies we typically enjoy.  This film is less horror and more drama.  It centers around Senan (Keeley) who was infected for four years, but is now cured.  He returns home to live with his sister-in-law, Abbie (Page), but she has no idea that while he was a zombie, he killed her husband, his brother, Luke.

The people who were not infected are not nice to the cured.  No one but Abbie’s son is truly likable.  Abbie has her moments, but even she’s a moron.  Everyone in this movie is a moron or a monster.  So much so that it’s a bit unrealistic.


The zombies have a pack mentality for some reason, but you never find out why.  They never explore it in the movie.  DJ felt like it changed the rules whenever it wanted to do so.  Aside from the specials and the acting, it was a shit movie with a shit ending that was depressing for depressing’s sake.  It was not terrifying, tense or captivating.  We’re still wondering what the point of all of it was.

My score: 27.  DJ’s score: 20.

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