Saw (2004)

Directed by James Wan.  Written by Wan and Leigh Whannell.  Starring Cary Elwes, Leigh Whannell, Tobin Bell, Shawnee Smith, Danny Glover and Monica Potter.

Plot: a man kidnaps people and puts them through “tests” for survival.


With the Saw re-imaginings coming soon, we figured we’d put up the first three movies.  In the first movie, if you don’t know the story already, two men wake up in a dilapidated bathroom with no memory of how they got there.  One, a photographer named Adam (Whannell), the other, a doctor named Lawrence Gordon (Elwes).  They each have a tape and access to a tape recorder.  Adam’s tape says he needs to try to escape, while Gordon’s tape says that if he doesn’t kill Adam by a certain time, that his wife and daughter, who have apparently been kidnapped, will be killed.

Through a series of flashbacks, you learn a lot more.  About Adam, about Gordon, about the notorious Jigsaw Killer the police are still looking for.  The rules are simple, right?  Wrong.  At least, we think so.  The rules aren’t fair for everyone.  Innocent people die and others have no chance.  Adam, for instance, had no chance.


It’s a highly original concept, but the Jigsaw Killer is not righteous.  He’s just another bad serial killer.  It’s highly innovative though.  The cast is superb.  The effects were amazing.  It was an unsettling beginning of an era and we didn’t see the end coming.

Also, and you may not know this, but original the kidnapper was supposed to do “rapey” things to Gordon’s wife and daughter and Whannell actually kept it out for “going to far”.  Congrats to him for that!

Our score: 64.

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