Island Claws (aka – The Night of the Claw) 1980

Written by Hernan and Colby Cardenas, Jack Cowden and Ricou Browning

Directed by Hernan Cardenas

Starring Robert Lansing, Steve Hanks, Nita Talbot, Jo Mcdonnell, Barry Nelson, Raymond Forchion, John Furey, Martina Deignan and Tony Rigo

Plot: toxic waste produces mega king size crabs who roar and kill people off the coast of Florida


This movie is so bad its good straight from the beginning but then it just gets good. There is a toxic waste dump but no one seems worried til its too late, also there are scientists trying to grow larger crabs but no one is paying that any mind either. Instead as the crabs get bigger and start to kill they blame the Haitians because you know, Voodoo, lol.

It gets political for a while, which i liked, the whites and Haitians have to work together eventually if they all wanna live.

Creature effects could have used some work but the acting, story and sub plot were all good. For a giant crab movie it followed rules well, and even had an effective sad part.

All in all we enjoyed it but its not epic, Tara gave it a 55/100 and I a 62/100, Dj says watch it for the politics!!! hahaha

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