Dead & Buried (1981)

Directed by Gary Sherman.  Written by Dan O’Bannon, Jeff Miller, Alex Stern and Ronald Shusett.  Starring James Farentino, Jack Albertson, Melody Anderson, Barry Corbin, Dennis Redfield and Robert Englund.

Plot: the townspeople of Potter’s Bluff are killing tourists, but why?


The movie starts out with the insane burning alive of a tourist by several of the locals.  They take pictures as they tie him up and set him ablaze.  Then, they kill some drunk guy and take some pictures of him, too.  But the Sheriff isn’t in on it.  And he wants to know what’s happening to all these poor people.

I can tell you that the whole town isn’t in on it and that there is a mastermind, but it probably won’t be who you think.  It’s a mystery and DJ doesn’t usually enjoy those, but he enjoyed this one.  It’s like an extra long Twilight Zone episode that’s hella interesting.  It’s original, well-made, well-acted and we totally didn’t see the twist coming.  It’s a classic that’s perfect for the season.

Our score: 67.

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