Bats (1999)

Directed by Louis Morneau.  Written by John Logan.  Starring Lou Diamond Phillips, Dina Meyer, Leon, Carlos Jacott, Bob Gunton, Oscar Rowland and Ned Bellamy.

Plot: genetically engineered bats start killing people in Texas.


When people start dying strange deaths in a small Texas town, they bring in the best bat expert, Dr. Sheila Casper (Meyer) to help the local Sheriff Emmett Kinsey (Phillips) and the CDC.  But it turns out the CDC is the one responsible for the bats.  They were experimenting on Indonesian bats to increase their intelligence, aggression and cooperation.  As much as she hates it, Sheila hears this and understands that the bats now need to be caught and killed.  Unfortunately, this won’t happen before lots more people die.

This movie isn’t scary, but it’s funny and people we like actually live.  The cast is the best – we love Lou.  It’s pretty realistic as far as steroidal bat movies go.  It was just an awesome story.  And I recommend it for a fun Halloween night.

My score: 68.  DJ’s score: 73.

“Christ in a sidecar!”

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