Frankenstein (1931)

Written by Garrett Fort, Francis Edward Faragoh, Peggy Webling and Mary Shelly

Directed by James Whale

Starring Boris Karloff, Colin Clive, Mae Clarke, John Boles, Dwight Frye and Marilyn Harris

Plot: Frankenstein creates a monster from cadavers and a killers brain


This is a classic, about thee mad scientist and his wanting to play god. This is basically required viewing for horror fans. I for one like the nature vs nurture angle, and the question of innocence.

While the doc is obviously at great fault, Fritz is also a heavy favorite for blame. They are all mean to the “monster” and are then surprised by the “monsters” behavior toward them. I think by now everyone knows about the iconic “flower” scene, which is both tragic and beautiful to me.

We are personally more afraid of the townspeople then the so called monster. Also the doc and Fritz who are power hungry and cruel. Tara likes that it is quicker than the book, she finds the book to be boring.

Overall it is highly original, realistic in dramatic terms. Karloff is superb as the “monster” who we see as the protagonist. But we find the ending to be terrible and sad.

Tara gave it a 55/100 and i gave it a 72/100. Dj says watch this piece of art!

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