The Dead (2010)

Written and directed by Jon and Howard J. Ford.  Starring Rob Freeman, Prince David Oseia, Gaal Hama and David Dontoh.

Plot: the sole survivor of a plane crash has to cross Africa battling the undead.


After the zombie apocalypse starts, a plane trying to evacuate Africa, goes down off the coast and there’s only one survivor, Lieutenant Brian Murphy (Freeman).  Meanwhile, an African soldier named Daniel (Oseia) has left his position to try and find his son.  As Brian walks towards the supposed safety of a base, he finds a car, but soon gets into trouble when he hits a pothole.  Daniel comes to his rescue and they continue on together.

The movie could be considered slow, but it’s pacing is intense and deliberate.  It’s creepy and if you like jump scares, there are a few.  The characters are all likable.  It followed all the zombie rules.  It was realistic and the acting was fantastic.  Also, the ending was a little sad, but I thought it was hopeful, too.  And I liked that.

We recommend this movie all year round really.

Our score: 82.

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