Hell Night (1981)

Written by Randy Feldman

Directed by Tom DeSimone

Starring Linda Blair, Vincent Van Patten, Peter Borton, Suki Goodwin, Jimmy Sturtevant, Kevin Brophy and Jenny Neumann

Plot: Fraternity and Sorority pledges spend the night in a haunted mansion


I think Linda Blair looks great throughout this movie, some serious eye candy.

There is a tragedy at a mansion years earlier and then college kids use it to set up fake scares for pledges. But of course shit gets real.

There are some cool kills and good acting throughout from a great cast. It’s funny and fun to watch, and is realistic. But their are no boobs in this movie, how??!!

All in all its a pretty decent movie with some good parts and typical 80s tropes but we liked it, Tara gave it a 55/100 and I gave it a 62/100.


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