The Last Slumber Party (1988)

Written and directed by Stephen Tyler.  Starring Jan Jensen, Nancy Meyer, Joann Whitley, Danny David, Lance Descourez, Paul Amend and Stephen Tyler.

Plot: a group of students have an end-of-the-year slumber party interrupted by a maniac.


This is one of the worst movies we’ve ever seen, but it is hilarious.  See, there’s this doctor who’s got this patient who’s crazy bananas.  He escapes from the hospital and starts killing people right away, but his real target is the doctor, so he ends up at the doctor’s house where his daughter, Linda (Whitley) is having a slumber party.

There’s also a second killer that comes into play, but not for too long before the first maniac (who Tyler, the writer/director plays himself) kills him.  For some reason this girl has a Sesame Street poster up in her room.  People do not react well at all.  Like, no one screams or runs away immediately.  And if there’s a killer in the house, don’t you want to be outside the house?  But no one runs outside either.

There is also horrible effects, like how the killer starts slicing someone’s neck at point A, but the blood doesn’t start coming out till point B.  And the story is bad and clearly unoriginal.  And somehow there’s no boobs!  I mean, c’mon!  They quote Lauren Bacall incorrectly.  And the worst flaw, or maybe just to me, is when they have a cat supposedly “jump” out of this closet, but you can actually see a person in the back of the closet throw the cat out.  Yup!


We give this movie a horrid score, but we suggest watching it at least once.  For shits and giggles.

My score: 19.  DJ’s score: 16.

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