The Descent (2005)

Written and Directed by Neil Marshall

Starring Myanna Buring, Shauna Macdonald and Natalie Mendoza

Plot: A group of women risk their lives once a year doing stupid extreme adventures, this year they’re exploring a cave, but when they become trapped inside they realize they’re not alone have become prey.


This is why we don’t go underground!

The women in this movie aren’t really likable or relate-able, Sarahs a whiner, Juno is a slut, Holly is reckless, we just didn’t connect with anyone. In the movie they kept yelling at each other at inappropriate times for ridiculous reasons. They were all really stupid.

We think the point of the beginning was just to shock, which is weak story telling, poor story overall too with a bad ending. It was well made with some god specials and was a little scary but overall very disappointing.

I would’ve liked some creature explanation, who what why were they sort of thing. I did not hate this movie but i really did not like it either, Tara gave it a 25/100 and I gave it a 33/100 so really you should avoid this movie unless you like being shocked then disappointed.


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