Luna (2019)

Written and Directed by Ross Williams

Starring Zoe Williams, Harlen Cox, Twanissa Cox and Kirk Mckenzie

Plot: A family in mourning is haunted by their own daughter.


This is a short made by an independent film maker and some friends, we can’t tell you a whole lot without giving some things away, but I’ll do my best to convey my opinion. It is currently available on Youtube from XRats productions.

Original, with a good cast and some great acting especially from the kids. It followed rules and was realistic. Good Effects. An overall fun watch.

I liked the motive Tara did not, I found it rewatchable, Tara didn’t, I liked the story Tara thought it was too crazy.

All in all Tara and I did not completely agree, but we both liked it, I really enjoyed the ending. Tara gave it a 50/100 and I gave it a 77/100, so DJ says watch it!

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