Wolfen (1981)

Written by David Eyre, Michael Wadleigh and Whitley Strieber

Directed by Michael Wadleigh

Starring Gregory Hines, Albert Finney, Edward James Almos, Reginald VelJohnson and Tom Noonan

Plot: Wolves are killing people in New York


This is a movie with a message, and I personally really like the message, although it is a bit drawn out and kind of boring in parts. It might have been better as an episode of some anthology tv show.

There seems to be real footage of wolf deaths for which the movie lost points. The protagonists were not very likable.

Realisitic, good cast. Some cool kills. The ending was great. Tara thought the wolves were cute, i found them to be cool and amazing.

Overall Tara gave it a 43/100 and I gave it a 63/100. So watch it for cool wolves and a good message!

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