Head Count (2018)

Directed by Elle Callahan.  Written by Callahan and Michael Nader.  Starring Isaac Jay, Ashleigh Morgan, Amaka Obiechie, Bevin Bru, Billy Meade, Cooper Rowe, Hunter Peterson, Michael Herman, Sam Marra and Tory Freeth.

Plot: a group of young adults on a weekend trip accidentally summon something intent on killing them.


This movie is quite moronic.  It’s getting okay reviews and we don’t know why.  The story revolves around a young man named Evan, who goes to stay with his older brother, Peyton, in California.  The relationship between them is odd, but that’s no matter really.  What matters is that they go on a hike in the middle of nowhere and come across a group of young people sitting around smoking pot and for some reason Evan thinks it’d be a great idea to join them.  He likes one of the girls, Zoe, and so Peyton just lets him go off with him.

When they all get to their weekend home in the middle of nowhere, they tell scary stories around a campfire.  Evan picks one from this website to tell called “Hisji Hisji Hisji Hisji Hisji”.

             “A Hisji is a vengeful thing.  Five times it’s name you never sing.

             With skin pale white and eyes of green.  It’s something you’ve already seen.”


Although Evan’s cute, I can’t forgive the movie for taking a creepy little rhyme and turning it to shit.  Doubles of the group start popping up and people are either too high or too stupid to really take notice.  They even play cards with one of the doubles and somehow decide not to run away screaming because there just has to be a rational explanation.

And while I’d like to give the secret away to you, I really can’t because I don’t completely understand what happened.  I can admit that.  The story of the Hisji wasn’t fully fleshed out I feel and you can’t find the invincible damned thing, so, it sucks.

The casting was good though.  And it was very well-made.  But that’s about all I have good to say.

Our score: 25.

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