Mischief Night (2013)

Directed by Richard Schenkman.  Written by Schenkman, Jesse Baget and Eric D. Wilkinson.  Starring Noell Coet, Daniel Hugh Kelly, Ian Bamberg, Ally Walker, Charlie O’Connell and Richard Riehle.

Plot: Emily suffers from psychosomatic blindness and when she’s left alone on Mischief Night an intruder terrorizes her.


In the very beginning, a couple in a big house is killed by an intruder wearing a mask.  Some time later, Emily (Coet) and her father (Kelly) move into the same large house.  Her mother is deceased and he’s going on a first date on Mischief Night.  She’s blind because she blames herself for her mother’s death years earlier.  See, they were in a car accident and her mother asked her for help, but she wasn’t able to save her.

Emily kind of acts like a little bitch because of all this.  She’s even rude to her therapist.  It’s not cool.  Anyway, once at the house alone, a man breaks into her home wearing a yellow slicker and a mask.  She doesn’t sense him right away though.  I mean, why doesn’t she sense him?  Shouldn’t she be more attuned to her other senses after nine years?


There’s good acting and realistic crying.  She’s an ugly crier, but it’s realistic.  People aren’t always pretty when crying.  The story wasn’t good though.  Not at all.  There’s a twist that doesn’t make sense and you never exactly find out the why or how of it all.  We say skip it.

My score: 41.  DJ’s score: 34.

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