Killer Workout (AKA Aerobi-cide) (1987)

Written and directed by David A. Prior. Starring Marcia Karr, David Campbell, Fritz Matthews, Teresa Vander Woude, Richard Bravo and Ted Prior.

Plot: Rhonda runs a gym where suddenly people are getting murdered.


You probably haven’t heard of this movie before and that’s a good thing.  It’s not the greatest movie in the world. It’s actually pretty bad.  There’s boob shots, but the murder weapon is a giant safety pin.  Seriously.  And there are so many flat asses doing aerobics in a multitude of scenes.  It’s hilarious.

The plot is that Rhonda’s twin sister, Valerie, burnt up in a tanning bed and years later a woman is killed in Rhonda’s gym.  Are the acts of violence related?  Well, you have to watch and see.  There’s a twist coming that is also hilarious.  There’s a horrible motive to go along with all that.  DJ doesn’t even want to admit that we watched this, but we did and we laughed.  And if you watch it, you’ll probably laugh, too.

My score: 30.  DJ’s score: 23.

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