Scarecrows (1988)

Directed by William Wesley.  Written by Wesley and Richard Jeffries.  Starring Ted Vernon, Michael Simms, Richard Vidan, Kristina Sanborn, David Campbell, B.J. Turner and Victoria Christian.

Plot: criminals, who hijacked a plane and forced the captain and his daughter to fly it, end up unexpectedly landing in a cornfield full of killer scarecrows.


Big time thieves, wanted by just about everyone in the U.S. hijack a small cargo plane and force the pilot, his daughter and their cute, little dog to fly them to Mexico.  They don’t make it though, because one of them betrays the others, grabs all the money and jumps out of the plane.  They force the pilot to land so that they can go after him and they all wind up in a cornfield next to a very old, very deserted farmhouse.

The scarecrows on the farm are alive, of course, and begin killing them simply for being on their land.  The scarecrows can imitate and throw their voices though. It’s so stupid.  One guy has this harmonica he loves and he loses it and won’t shut up about it.  It’s also stupid.  A lot of the movie is stupid, but it’s actually also fun.  If completely unintentionally.


The girl gets like, Stockholm Syndrome and what begins as her being mad at her kidnappers ends with her being really upset whenever one dies.  She even purposely goes back and rescues one of them from dying.  It’s quite a shame.

It’s not a good movie.  We are not saying that at all, but we liked it.  Because it’s funny.  And maybe you will, too.

Our score: 56.

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