House of the Witch (2017)

Directed by Alex Merkin.  Written by Neil Elman.  Starring Arden Belle, Coy Stewart, Darren Mann, Emily Bader, Hunter Trammell, Jesse Pepe, Jules Hartley, Michelle Randolph and Nolan Bateman.

Plot: teenagers venture into an abandoned house on a dare, but getting out won’t be so easy.


A group of teenagers go into this old, abandoned house just because, essentially, and start to look around.  Creepy things start to happen and they try to leave, but they find that they can’t.  At first they just start getting hurt, but then they start getting dead.  Apparently the witch is taking things from people so that she can live again.

Although there are some creepy parts, the movie as a whole is very unoriginal and the rules sucked.  The story was bad.  The motive was bad.  It was a little funny and the effects were good for a SyFy movie, but none of that was enough for us to recommend it to you.

My score: 40.  DJ’s score: 35.

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