Thirteen Ghosts (2001)

Directed by Steve Beck.  Written by Robb White, Richard D’Ovidio and Neal Marshall Stevens.  Starring Tony Shaloub, Shannon Elizabeth, Matthew Lillard, Embeth Davidtz, F. Murray Abraham, Rah Digga, JR Bourne and Alec Roberts.

Plot: a man inherits a haunted house from his uncle.


Simply put, Arthur (Shaloub) inherits a house from his late uncle that turns out to be haunted.  In a more complicated turn of events though, the house is haunted by 12 ghosts that his uncle “collected” during his life.  It’s a complex story, but one that me and DJ really enjoyed.  We like the story and the Freddy Claws was pretty decent considering.  Also, the innovation is terrific.

I feel compelled to tell you that the 12 ghosts are also very interesting.  There’s a featurette that tells you more about them, but simply they are: the Juggernaut, the Hammer, the Torso, the Bound Woman, the Torn Prince, the Angry Princess, the Great Child and the Dire Mother, the Pilgrimess, the Jackal and the Withered Lover.

I could tell you more and ruin it for you, but if you’ve never seen it, we want you to be surprised.  So, watch it.

My score: 80.  DJ’s score: 75.

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