Red Christmas (2016)

Written and Directed by Craig Anderson

Starring Dee Wallace, Geoff Morell, Sarah Bishop, Janis McGavin, Gerard O’Dwyer, David Collins, Sam Campbell, Bjorn Stewart and Deelia Meriel

Plot: A mother must try to protect her family when her past comes back for revenge.


This movie opens with an abortion debate and a clinic bombing which is bound to start conversation which i am personally guessing is what the film maker wants because the movie i don’t feel really takes a side.

A mother gathers her dysfunctional family together for Christmas and they are a nightmare. You have one dude who is always high, a couple religious people, a pregnant bitch and a boy with down syndrome who actually is not a dick but plays big in the overall movie.

This movie has some cool kills though somewhat unrealistic but also a “slap in the face moment” that is kind of foreseeable. Original, good acting, good Christmas soundtrack, memorable opening but no boobs throughout and there could have been.

Overall for me it was a little difficult to watch and very up in the air regarding the exact message but i liked it ok with a score of 55/100, Tara liked it less with a 44/100. DJ says watch it for the uncomfortable convo it might spark.


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