Christmas Presence (2018)

Directed by James Edward Cook.  Written by Cook and Karen Taylor.  Starring Charlotte Atkinson, Elsie Bennett, Lorna Brown, Mark Chatterton, Orla Cottingham, William Holstead and Danny Webb.

Plot: a diverse group of friends gather for the holidays in a remote lodge, but their fun soon turns into a deadly nightmare.


In the UK, six friends get together for the holiday to party, party, party.  That night after they go to bed, something happens to Hugo (Holstead), all the cars get vandalized and the phone goes dead.  They find Hugo’s body outside, but then McKenzie (Atkinson) sees a Hugo type person who tells her lies and the movie gets really, really strange.

We liked Jo (Cottingham), but Anita (Brown) pissed us off to no end with all her psycho babble.  McKenzie’s a lot stupid and that’s also annoying.  There’s this subplot that has to do with McKenzie’s long dead twin, but it has essentially nothing to do with the actual plot, so why the hell do we need it?  There was also no rules.

Sad to say, DJ would walk out of the room before watching it again.  Me, I actually didn’t mind it until the end happened.  I think, in the words of my brother, it really shit the bed.  Watch at your own peril.

My score: 39.  DJ’s score: 28.

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