A Christmas Horror Story (2015)

Directed by Grant Harvey, Steven Hoban and Brett Sullivan.  Written by James Kee, Sarah Larsen, Doug Taylor and Pascal Trottier.  Starring William Shatner, Shannon Kook, George Buza, Julian Richings, Adrian Holmes and Percy Hynes White.

Plot: an anthology of four Christmas horror stories.


In the first story, three kids decide to break into a school that used to be a convent to investigate two murders that happened a year before on Christmas Eve.  It’s a strange story about the pregnancy and forced abortion of a young girl.  No one in it is likable.  Almost everyone dies.

The second story is about a dysfunctional family’s son who breaks a statue of Krampus on purpose.  Then, of course, Krampus comes after the boy and his family.  The family tries to hide in a church at one point and confess their sins, but it turns out that Krampus can come into the church.  We don’t really like that point much.  Demons and such shouldn’t be allowed to go to church.


The third story is about a man who takes his wife and son onto restricted property to cut down a Christmas tree.  The son gets lost and then a changeling takes his place.  It’s the only story that really ends in any happy way, but we still didn’t like it because the mother was a bit of a bitch who I’m not sure deserved her son back at all.  Also, the changelings have no good motive for doing what they’re doing.

The fourth story is about one of Santa’s elves.  He gets sick and dies, but apparently elves can’t really die, so he becomes a zombie.  Then, he infects other elves and even Mrs. Claus.  It may have been our least favorite of the four and that’s pretty difficult to say.


There was some awesome acting in this considering.  And the direction was cool as well.  But the stories were all a mess.  We can’t recommend this movie.

My score: 29.  DJ’s score: 24.

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