Christmas Evil (1980)

Written and directed by Lewis Jackson.  Starring Brandon Maggart, Jeffrey DeMunn, Dianne Hull, Andy Fenwick, Peter Friedman and Brian Neville.

Plot: a mentally scarred child grows up and goes on a killing spree dressed as Santa.


Also known as You Better Watch Out, this Christmas horror movie is a real classic.  And it’s hysterical – if not always intentionally – as well.

In 1947, young Harry finds out in a really horribly uncomfortable manner, that Santa isn’t real.  Fast forward to 1980 and Harry’s (Maggart) now obsessed with Santa Claus.  He has pictures of him all over his house, he dresses like him at bedtime and he’s even a toymaker now.  Both as a job and a hobby.  Also, he keeps track of the little girls and boys in the neighborhood and writes down in big books who is naughty and who is nice.

Then, on Christmas Eve, he dresses up just like Santa Claus in an outfit he made himself.  And he gives toys to all the good kids and dirt to the bad ones.  But then he just starts killing naughty adults practically out of nowhere.  And the town hilariously has ready-made torches and they go after him.


Most of the snow is fake and just thick sheets of felt.  It moves in one large clump as he’s running away.  And the movie’s a bit slow because Harry spends more of the movie “going crazy” then actually “being crazy”.  But it’s still a really fun watch.  I mean, the end is really ambiguous and we’re not sure exactly what happened, but we pop it in sometimes.  Maybe not every single Christmas, but if a horror fan, you should definitely watch it at least twice.

My score: 52.  DJ’s score: 55.

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