Prom Night (1980)

Directed by Paul Lynch.  Written by William Gray and Robert Guza Jr.  Starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Casey Stevens, Anne-Marie Martin, Michael Tough, Antoinette Bower and Leslie Nielsen.

Plot: a masked killer stalks teenagers at their high school prom.


The movie starts with four children accidentally/on purpose killing another child during a fucked up tag-like game.  When they’re older, in high school, they start getting obscene phone calls right before the prom.  Meanwhile, someone the cops accused of the little girl’s murder escapes from the institution he was in.  Also, there’s this really creepy janitor at the school.  So, who’s coming after these teenagers anyway?

The school is way too big and hard to navigate even for the students that go there.  The killer’s ski mask glitters.  There’s an obnoxiously long dance sequence where Curtis gets to show off her disco moves.  And the kills take way too long between the start of the chase and him actually killing his victim.  It’s overacted, there’s no Freddy Claws and the direction is pretty bad.  Still, its sort of original.  The opening and ending are both highly memorable.  There’s boob shots.  And it’s an entertaining enough watch.

We recommend, just don’t expect gold here.  It’s more of a bronze at best.

Our score: 53.

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