Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II (1987)

Directed by Bruce Pittman.  Written by Ron Oliver.  Starring Wendy Lyon, Michael Ironside, Lisa Schrage, Louis Ferreira and Richard Monette.

Plot: 30 years after her accidental death at prom, Mary Lou, returns for revenge.


Not sure who you’re supposed to like in this movie.  The obnoxious, whorish Mary Lou or the morally ambiguous people she goes after.  The movie has a very “Carrie” ring to it, except that Carrie was a sympathetic character and these people really aren’t.

There’s a lot of overkill in this movie (like she hangs the first girl AND throws her out a window, too).  She’s a little too omnipotent for our liking.  The motive is horrible.  The ending is shit.  And at one time there’s a father/daughter kiss that is very, very wrong.

We wanted to like it a lot more than we did.  The few bright spots were the boob shots, the humor, the acting and the specials.  But it wasn’t enough for us to recommend it to you.  Our score fell just short.

Our score: 39.

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