Intruder (1989)

Directed by Scott Spiegel.  Written by Spiegel and Lawrence Bender.  Starring Elizabeth Cox, Dan Hicks, David Byrnes, Renee Estevez, Sam Raimi, Ted Raimi, Eugene Robert Glazer and Bruce Campbell.

Plot: a maniac “intrudes” a supermarket at night and starts killing off the night crew.


Basically, the plot is exactly what I already said.  While the night crew is restocking shelves, someone comes and starts killing the crew.  But first, there’s a fight scene between one guy and like 10 other people and it’s just the worst fight scene we think we’ve ever seen.

Also, the acting is pretty terrible.  The kills are ridiculous.  Way too much blood splatter for little pin pricks.  The direction is weird.  A lot of strange camera angles and shots that don’t make sense.  The killer appears to be superhuman.  The motive is bad.  The movie is bad.  I mean, there’s like twelve guys and only two girls and since none of the guys are black, they kill a girl first.  At least, that’s how we look at it.

There were also no rules.  It was unrealistic.  And the ending was a big WTF!  We don’t dig what Spiegel is putting down.

Our score: 14.

“I just love this store!”

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