The Hills Have Eyes Part II (1984)

Written and directed by Wes Craven.  Starring Michael Berryman, Tamara Stafford, Kevin Spirtas, John Bloom, Colleen Riley, Penny Johnson and Janus Blythe.

Plot: a group of young Yamaha racers get stranded in the desert and soon come face to face with a family of inbred cannibals.


There’s a lot of flashbacks to the first movie in this movie, but don’t use that as an excuse to skip the first because it’s a lot better than this terror.  Even the dog, Beast, has a flashback.  It’s the best.

Ruby, the cannibal family member from the first one, is now Rachel.  And she’s in a team of bike riders that have an event in the desert near where the family was attacked in the first film.  It’s so odd.  There’s no Freddy Claws either.  When Ruby/Rachel (Blythe) is attacked by Pluto (Berryman), no one believes her until he comes back and steals one of their bikes.  And even then they think they can beat the the killer cannibals.

There’s a blind girl, Cass (Stafford), who is somehow magical.  I don’t know why they even have a blind girl with them, but the fact that she can “feel” someone scream is just hilarious.


The main problem with this movie is the acting and the characters.  It’s all so hokey.  The first movie was raw, but this one is cannibals meets Power Rangers.  The lighting is pretty bad in like 50% of the movie.  It was unrealistic, had a horrible script, an awful story and an incredulous ending.  They set up a freaking Mouse Trap style game to kill the Reaper (Bloom).

Aside from Ruby and Beast, no one was likable.  It didn’t even feel like a horror movie really.  Therefore, the score suffers.

Our score: 36.

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