Prom Night (2008)

Written by J. S. Cardone

Directed by Nelson McCormick

Starring Brittany Snow, Kellan Lutz, Ming-na Wen, Idris Elba and Johnathon Schaech

Plot: a psycho teacher becomes obsessed with a student, stalks her, kills her whole family, goes to prison, escapes to stalk her once again and kill all her friends on Prom Night….not really like the original at all.

8MM2 - cdr32685inlay-CLN

We aren’t really scared by this kind of thing, real people, real psycho, we grew up in the ghetto so bring it! The people in the film obviously do not watch enough horror movies or , like us, they would have seen half this shit coming from a mile away.

We never really cared for the kids in this at all, bunch of well off, popular kids that enjoy high school, must really suck to be them lol.

There are some definite holes in this. People don’t make the best of decisions, or the sensible or realistic ones.

No innovation and quite unrealistic. Great cast though. I liked the ending. If nothing else you get to look at Brittany Snow, which i enjoyed better than anything else about this movie. Tara gave it a 35 and I gave it a 42/100, so watch it if you like dead teenagers and pretty faces.

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