Flying Virus (2001)

Written and directed by Jeff Hare.  Starring Gabrielle Anwar, Craig Sheffer, Rutger Hauer, Duncan Regehr, David Naughton, Mark Adair-Rios, Lisa Wilhoit, Jason Brooks and Adam Wylie.

Plot: a journalist uncovers a government conspiracy to unleash killer bees on humanity.


Also known as Killer Buzz, this B-movie follows Ann Bauer (Anwar), a journalist, in the middle of a war between a town in Brazil and the American oil industry that wants to pave through it.  The Shadow People (Amazon warriors, of course) then attack the oil camp claiming that there’s “demons” in the sky.  The demons being bees that attack and kill them.

On the side there is all these other subplots.  Ann gets stung at one point and taken to a clinic where the creepy Dr. North (Naughton) kisses her while she’s unconscious.  There’s Ann’s husband, Martin (Sheffer), who she’s divorcing, but is still in love with really.  And then there’s the whole fact that the bees, who are being sent to attack Brazilians, then end up on a plane and start attacking the passengers as well.

This is certainly not Naughton’s best work.  He was in it for the paycheck.  But everyone else is okay.  Especially Adair-Rios who plays “Raka”.  He is particularly funny.  The whole movie is funny.  The protagonists are likable.  It followed it’s rules.  Sure the motive was stupid and the ending was a bit silly, but the movie overall was too fun to be a complete waste of time.

Our score: 51.

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